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I had installed samba in Ubuntu desktop and set up a share folder with my laptop running windows 7. I am able to copy and paste files and folder to the share and access them from the other end. But whenever I copy files to the share the original disk space in my desktop(with Ubuntu) gets reduced equivalent to the size of the file shared.

For example, before I copied files to the share there was 15 GB free space in my desktop. Then I copied a 13GB folder from ubuntu to windows 7 using the "smb://share" and as a result the 15 GB freespace that was available in my desktop got reduced to 2GB.

I am not sure if the sharing files through samba share will keep some duplicates of the shared content somewhere or will this be creating some log files of sizes equal to the size of the copied content.

But, I created the smb share only so that I can free up some space in my desktop, now because of this issue the existing space further got reduced and has left my machine with low disk space messages.

Please advice on what I should do to recover this space.

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