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After taking the regular update through the update manager my gnome-shell doesn't work,

I am working on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and I have uninstalled and re-installed but the same issue persists.

Please help.

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Your question doesn't really explain what the problem is. Please could you edit your question to describe symptoms? – David Edwards Jul 16 '13 at 13:37

Perhaps some of the needed packages were not installed. I would advise re-installing gnome, without removing it first. This way you will only download the pieces you are missing.

sudo apt-get install gnome (Entire Gnome Desktop + Pre-Installed Programs, if you are unsure, pick this one)


sudo apt-get install gnome-shell (Just Gnome Desktop)

sincerely, tapthoseshoesandwish


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Inasmuch as I understand your problem, try this...

At the login screen click the little Ubuntu "foot logo", and use another desktop. When logged in, run Update Manager. Stick with that desktop for a bit, and keep up to date using Update Manager. Eventually you may be able to login using the Gnome 3 environment.

I had trouble getting Gnome 3 going, and this is all I did - eventually it fixed itself !

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