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I've been using Windows OSes for a very long time and learned a lot about it. But since I've tried Ubuntu, many things are different from Windows Operating Systems. I want to learn more about linux, such as the file system, differences between Linux and Windows, e.t.c. Recommend me some learning resources?

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In general I'll suggest you to start with Ubuntu, the most popular linux distribution

official documentation of ubuntu, nice-written with screenshots

wonderfull blogs which posts information about new software which just came in to linux market, but Ubuntu is a priority for them, with good comunity and warm help for good questions on related topics

general information from linux-world with a lot of help/documentation pages

good distro for windows users

also don't forget about askubuntu and youtube - you can find a lot of things here :)

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Please post things like that in the link posted in comments by alaa This one is going to get closed soon. Posting in the other one will get you more rep (unless it was posted there already ;) ) – Rinzwind Jul 16 '13 at 10:05
thanks for comment, I hope the answer is better now :) – Rodislav Jul 16 '13 at 10:12

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