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I want to download Ubuntu on Windows 7 and dual boot the two but before I do there is the question, can i dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu? And if I do, does it work and is it safe for the OS?

What is the procedure to follow after downloading Ubuntu to dual boot with Windows 7?

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First of all, yes it is safe to do. Lots of people dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu, myself included.

You can install a dual-boot version of Ubuntu from within Windows by using this installer:

It is then a very straight-forward type of installation, typical of Windows applications. For a detailed, step by step explanation of how to install it this way, check out this link:

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It is relatively safe but it's still worth backing up important files before making major changes to your system – Shaun Killingbeck Jul 16 '13 at 7:52

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