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I have an older Toshiba Satellite running 12.04, and I have recently hooked up an Acer 22" HD monitor. Setup... Displays... correctly detects both the monitors and runs both at full resolution. However, I can virtually place the Acer screen on top of or below the laptop screen, but not to either side or above. When trying to place the Acer screen to the left of the laptop screen, I get the following two error messages:

The selected configuration for these displays could not be applied
requested position/size for CRTC 64 is outside the allowed limit
position=(1680, 0), size=(1280, 800), maximum=(2048, 2048)


Failed to apply configuration %s GDBus.Error:org.gtk.GDBus.UnmappedGError.Quark._gnome_2drr_2derror_2dquark.Code3: requested position/size for CRTC 64 is outside the allowed limit: position=(1680, 250), size=(1280, 800), maximum=(2048, 2048)

As I said, it works just fine if the Acer is placed below the laptop screen.

Suggestions for an absolute newbie?

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