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good day all.

i recently tried Ubuntu, i installed it on a partition on my HDD and i have win7 and used easy BCD to add the boot so i can choose which to boot, forgotten all those steps everything was perfect til i can recal but i cant view my UBUNTU drive from that day on my windows unless i booted from ubuntu but i can see win 7 drive from uuntu. now i cant load Ubuntu again i need to gain back that lost HDD so windows can see it again i could get a flash to run Ubuntu sometime i dont want it hiding my HDD pls some one help me recover my lost partition

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Please edit your question and indicate if you want to uninstall Ubuntu and dedicate the whole computer to Windows. Windows do not understand the partition formats used by Ubuntu. That is why you cannot see the Ubuntu partition from inside Windows. –  user68186 Jul 15 '13 at 19:53
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