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I have my Windows 8 installed in Legacy boot mode and I want to install Ubuntu alongside it. I downloaded the Ubuntu 12.04.2 64-bit version from the website and YUMI installer for Windows and made a bootable pen drive. Then, when I went for the installation, where it should ask me whether I want to erase disk and install Ubuntu or install Ubuntu alongside windows or something else, it says no other OS detected. My system came pre-installed with Windows 8 in UEFI firmware mode and I reinstalled it in Legacy boot mode, formatting my hard disk completely as I had heard that having a dual-boot in UEFI causes many problems. What can be the possible cause of Ubuntu installation not detecting my OS? How can I rectify it?

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Probably you HDD is still partitioned using GPT. You can use gparted to find out, what kind of partition table you have. Ubuntu can afaik only handle GPT when it is installed in UEFI mode (what would cause troubles for you, since you now installed Windows in legacy mode...). If you have a GPT partition table and don't mind installing Windows once more, either try to have both, Windows and Ubuntu installed in UEFI mode on a GPT disk, or make sure that your HDD is partitioned using MBR instead of GPT and install both Systems in legacy mode. –  soulsource Jul 15 '13 at 14:12
How can I do that? –  Ranveer Jul 16 '13 at 4:50
Change the partition table type? If you don't mind formatting the complete HDD, you can use gparted and make a new partition table on the disk with it. gparted should ask for the type of partition table you want to create. –  soulsource Jul 16 '13 at 6:44
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