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I've searched the forums and still wasn't able to find an answer to my issue. The card just refuses to come up no matter what I do. I don't see it under /dev or with ifconfig.

Here is some info on what I'm running and what I've tried:

  • I am running a clean install of 12.04 with the latest updates
  • I built Ceton drivers per README file found on Ceton's website
  • If I modify /etc/network/interfaces to include ctn0 device, my network stops working alltogether!
  • I can see the Ceton card with lspci -k command:

    02:00.0 Multimedia video controller: Device 1b7c:0004 (rev 01)
        Subsystem: Device 1b7c:0004
        Kernel modules: ctn91xx
  • I can see "Ceton HW Driver" "enabled" if I go System Settings->Additional Drivers

  • I cannot try this card under Windows as my desktop seems to be too old to install Win7 and Ceton doesn't work under WinXP
  • I have PCIe video card in this system(I don't think this matters)
  • I have NVIDIA RAID controller on this motherboard (again, this shouldn't matter)
  • Reset script from Ceton (Python script) doesn't work either, unless I am running it incorrectly.

Any help from the experts would be greatly appreciated as I am STUMPED :(

Thanks everyone for your help ahead of time.

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