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I have a Sony Vaio sve15129cn running windows 8 which comes with an AMD Radeon™ HD 7650M graphics chip.

I want to dual boot ubuntu with win 8 using a separate partition. I have installed latest ati catalyst drivers on win 8 and graphics work fine on it but.. I have tried all versions ie 12.04.2, 12.10,13.04 and linux secure remix too but all are causing the same problem.

Upon attempting to boot for installing/trying from live usb, the screen starts flicking violent striped horizontal lines. This screen can only be corrected via the emergency power button. after this event win8 becomes inaccessible, though i manage to fix this by using my vaio recovery memory stick.

after going through ubuntu forums, i came to know about 'nomodeset' option (& made it default too), i used it before installing using that provied 'e' key to edit commands. it opened in black command mode, finally installing setup wizard opened, i made partitions and installed it successfully.

but now whenever i boot to ubuntu, it runs but only in black CUI mode. I want to access full graphical desktop ubuntu. I am a new linux/ubuntu student, so i cannot use this CUI for my work.

please note these points :

I will never remove win8, hence need dual boot only.

I want access to normal desktop GUI based unbuntu.

I am new to linux and do not know any commands.

After installing ubuntu, i need to run boot-repair to make my win8 dual boot successfully, this seems difficult in nomodeset cui mode, help. I dont know how to update/remove/install graphic drivers or configure in CUI mode 'nomodeset'. I can take any action if i have desktop on my screen.

at present you can help me by telling me how to get successful access to GUI based desktop, and remove nomodeset option. if i simply remove it, it is again going to flicker. or tell me how to freshly install without using nomodeset, i.e. install as a normal user without that flicking black screen.

So, I am wondering, why no solution to this problem is being provided even when this problem is being faced my many users esp. vaio ati radeon users. please help, i want to be a ubuntu user too. please fix this bug, many are suffering.

some great person should help us please. please tell complete solution. i will be thankful. HELP please please please.

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