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I don't have the Windows CD with me, and I don't mind making and using the Ubuntu CD, but Windows 7 is already installed on my computer. Now I want to get Ubuntu so that I can have the Ubuntu + Windows 7 dual boot option on boot. What should I do? Does Unetbootin fulfill my needs? If I must have a Windows 7 CD, what kind of CD do I need to make?

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The UbuntuLive CD which you can download from the Ubuntu Website will give you the option of installing alongside your existing Windows 7 installation without damaging it.

It's always good to back up your data files, just in case anything goes wrong!

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You don't need the Windows disk to install Ubuntu.

  1. download the Ubuntu 64bit image from
  2. either burn it on a DVD (not a CD), or on a USB disk (via UnetBootIn or LiliUSB)
  3. Reboot your computer on this Ubuntu disk
  4. install Ubuntu the standard way
  5. if any issue, follow these advice for UEFI systems
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