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I installed lingot(guitar tuner- on Ubuntu but it doesn't seem to be detecting the sounds from the microphone. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10. Thanks

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Lingot's default sound input device is set to a raw Alsa input (e.g. plughw:0). In the Ubuntu desktop these inputs are opened in exclusive mode by PulseAudio, preventing other applications from opening them.

The solution is to make Lingot use the sound input device provided by PulseAudio, which is called pulse.

Either edit Lingot's configuration file $HOME/.lingot/lingot.conf and set


or open Lingot's preferences window and set Audio System to ALSA and Audio Device to pulse.

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Thanks @zwets your answer is the correct one. I'm just posting a screenshot of the preferences menu, in case it helps someone. Lingot's configuration is set as follows:

  • Audio system set to Alsa
  • Audio device set to pulse

enter image description here

You can see in the main Lingot window that my guitar is playing the E string.

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