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Previously I had been using VLC fluidSynth to export my midis to other formats, until recently when I discovered that it was ever-so-slightly out of tune and TiMidity actually played my songs without clipping. That was a major plus.

However, there was one thing that fluidSynth did absolutely awesomely, and that was play percussion. Every time it played cymbals they must have lasted at least one and a half seconds, and they sounded great.

But when I play the same midi in TiMidity with the same soundfont, it always cuts off the cymbals, playing them for maybe half a second. I even tried assigning all the drums to a different soundfont but they still got cut off.

Is there any way I can get TiMidity to stop doing this? I know I could export the drums from VLC and the melody from TiMidity and put them together in Audacity, but that's kind of a pain, especially when TiMidity should seemingly be able to play cymbals right itself.

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timidity 2.13 is not the latest version. Perhaps the latest 2.14 version (available at its sourceforge site) will work better? Another idea is to edit timidity.cfg - the manpage for it says some percussion instruments can benefit from the 'keep' option. – user180869 Aug 2 '13 at 21:07
I was able to compile that and get it working just long enough to confirm that it didn't fix the percussion problem. After that I spent hours and hours and hours trying to get all the features I had on the 2.13 binary compiled back in, but I kept getting the same strange error about expecting MidiEncodermetadatacallbacksomething and getting SeekableMidiEncoder instead, and just gave up because there was no information about it on the internet and I'd tried ~7 different versions of flac already. So, I can't upgrade to 2.14, because I somewhat need flac export and 2.14 just can't have it. – SougonNaTakumi Aug 18 '13 at 3:17

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