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I am used to work on microsoft word. there it is easy to insert science equations. Please help me how to insert equations or formula while writing notes.

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I have downloaded a pdf file from an other program in libre office It shows te equations completely wrong. What can i do? – user296824 Jun 22 '14 at 10:04
LibreOffice Math Guide:… – Mukesh Chapagain Mar 20 '15 at 8:25

The most basic answer to your question is Insert -> Object -> Formula in LibreOffice Writer.

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A more detailed answer: If you use this feature a lot (I'm a math teacher, I use it a lot!) you can add a button to the toolbar to take you directly to the formula editor. There is a GUI input method, but you can also use a sort-of command line version where you enter the code for the expression as text in your document, then highlight it and select Insert Formula. As an example, this

 x={{-b +- sqrt{b^2 -4ac}} over {2a}}

will turn into this

Quadratic Formula

Here's the a screenshot: (Notice the first symbol on the tool bar - that's where I've place the Insert Equation button.)

enter image description here

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Alt+I, O, F comes handy

There after a formula editor panel will be displayed.

Once you finished press


it will close the formula editor

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Use the Dmaths add-on, which enables you to type the equation directly into the text

e.g. : You would like to type an integral from a to b of f(x) dx, you just type " a;b;f(x) " ( without quotes ) and you type the short-cut "ctrl+shift+i" and there it is.

I'm a math teacher and this is how I type all the equations I need.

There's another add-on that acts the same way called Cmath, but the first one is the most complete because you can also draw simple 3d figures, do plane geometry, and different other stuff.

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