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I was putty user. Putty allows you to select the text which gets copied to clipboard. Now on ubuntu, I am using Terminal to connect host.

I want to sync clipboard and terminal primary selection. So I want some thing like this 1) Mouse selection of text in Terminal updates clipboard and primary selection (Right now,it just updates primary selection) 2) Any text copy (Via Ctrl + C) outside terminal (some other program) should sync both. Right now it just updates clipboard. e.g. text in gedit

I found various programs like parcellite, Glippy, Pastie, Diodon, Clipit. All this programs are excellent but they have 1 annoying feature (atlest for me). These programs updates both primary and clipboard even if I select any text outside terminal via Mouse. I do not want this feature and I am not able to find any means to turn them off.

For example 1) I select text in terminal via mouse 2) I select text in firefox via mouse <- this will update both clipboard and primary 3) I press Shift + Insert in terminal <- this will paste text from firefox where as I do not want this. Mouse selected text outside terminal should not be reflected in clipboard

Friends do you have any pointers for me. How can I achieve this.I do not want to use Putty in ubuntu as it has very bad UI.

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Install klipper or glipper or parcellite

sudo apt-get install klipper
sudo apt-get install glipper
sudo apt-get install parcellite

both of these posts on super user have more info.

dpkg-query -l *lipper

ii glipper 1.0-1.1ubuntu1 Clipboard manager for the GNOME panel
ii klipper 4:4.4.2-0ubunt clipboard utility for KDE 4

dpkg-query -l parce*

ii parcellite 0.9.2-1 lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager

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