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I am working with two users: me and www-data. Each user has their own group by default. I want to be able to easily grant read, write, and/or execute permissions to both users, without giving the permissions to the public.

My understanding of the Linux file permissions system is that if I have the following file:

test.php me:me 770

and the group me contains the users me and www-data, then both users would have full permissions for the file test.php. This is not working, however. I have added the user www-data to the group me and set the permissions to 770, but Apache says permissions are denied. If I change the file group to www-data so that it looks like

test.php me:www-data 770

the file loads fine. The problem is that I upload the files over ftp under the user me. It's easy to change the group, but it gets incredibly tedious if I have to SSH into the server every time I upload a new file to change the group. My understanding is that groups exist just for circumstances like these, but I don't understand why it's not working.

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Change the group of all files/directories to www-data then enable setgid:

sudo chmod -R g+s /path/to/www/directory/

All files and directories will be created with www-data group from now on.

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