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This is my first time working with Ubuntu as I want to learn more about it, i hope anybody can help with the following:

After reading online and this forum I finally got to this point that I see in GRUB both Ubuntu with kernel 3.5.0-23-generic and the windows UEFI boot loader. Last action that made this work was using the Boot Repair. Before the boot repair I only saw Ubuntu in GRUB and had the same problem when starting this up (purple screen only)

If I select windows in grub now this boot fine and works well. If I select Ubuntu in grub this hangs on the purple screen, no other option available. Only option is to restart my laptop, but than again same thing I have not yet found the solution to this issue. Removing the "quit splash" with "nomodeset" did not work either.

When I try to load the recovery mode it get stuck in " switching to clocksource tsc"

Has somebody any idea how to go further and get Ubuntu 12.04 to work??

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