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I am pretty new to Linux so pardon the ignorance.

I am installing an application (a wiki server) on my system but am not doing so through aptitude as I can only grab a tar.gz of the package. This application will really be used by all users so it doesn't feel appropriate to install it in my home directory. Where should I put the folder of files? I would think that /usr/bin is the place, but I usually just see binary and linked files in there, which leads me to believe I should have the folder elsewhere and then drop a link to the executable in the /usr/bin folder.


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One good place to put this is under /srv, typically something like /srv/ The Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard endorses this location.

Another option is something like /home/wiki or /home/httpd.

Putting it in /usr/bin is not a good idea; that should be reserved for programs installed by Ubuntu.

/usr/local/bin is a better place to put a symlink to the program.

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I did not know about /srv, so +1 to poolie, but I would personally simply use /usr/local/, /usr/share/, or /usr/local/share. Not sure which goes where, but they all seem good candidates to me.

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/usr/local would be a reasonable place for it. /usr/local/share is not so good because that's for architecture-independent data files not programs. /usr/share has the same problem and also is meant to be only changed by the distribution. – poolie Apr 5 '11 at 23:48

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