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On my app (ite-missa-est) I have few tabs. In my ite-missa-est.qml, I call a *.qml file to do my tab like that:

    Tab {
        objectName: "Tab3"
        //TRANSLATORS: Title of a Tab
        title: i18n.tr("Prayers")
        page: Page {
            Tab3_Prayers {
                id: prayersTab

then in my Tab3_Prayers.qml file I have:

Flickable {
    id: prayersTab
    anchors.fill: parent
    anchors.margins: units.gu(1)
    contentHeight: column.height

    Column {
       id: column
       width: parent.width


I have 5 ListItem.ValueSelector and when I click at the first and only the first I get this alert:

  file:///home/helion/ite-missa-est/Project/ite-missa-est.qml:101:19: QML Page: Binding loop detected for property "flickable"

Where "ite-missa-est.qml:101:19" is "Page {"

What have I done wrong?

Thank you.

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