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I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (dual boot win 8) via live usb created using pendrive linux. I have a sony vaio multi-touch screen with nvidia geforce CUDA. You can check the specifications here :

After successful installation, it shows the boot menu (purple screen) and upon selecting ubuntu, it shows a black screen and nothing happens.

I tried the recovery mode and chose failsafeX option, the next screen said that "you are running on low graphics" and wont go any further.

I upgraded grub using root option and the very same problem persists.

i tried the very same version of ubuntu without installing and the behaviour wont change.

Do i have to find another iso file that would support the hardware of my system or is there a fix available?

Kindly help me out....i am really struggling with this OS but i want to make it work


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Did you use the 64-bit version? 12.04.2 LTS? A brief installation procedure is given in this question. See if you did it differently. – sd_93 Jul 12 '13 at 8:36
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Try reinstalling your nvidia drivers:

  • When the low graphics mode window appears, press ctrl+alt+f1
  • login with your username and password
  • use sudo apt-get purge nvidia to remove all nvidia drivers
  • reinstall the proper drivers using sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
  • reboot you machine using sudo reboot

I hope this helps you solve your problem.

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Thanks it worked for me. I really appreciate the help. – TShah Jul 12 '13 at 20:29

Choose second line option in grub menu to enter recovery mode, then again there will a menu with host of options out of which choose the re-boot in normal option or the similar and now it starts off successfully ... this solution is applicable for dual boot of windows vista business with ubuntu 12.04 ... HTH

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