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I have a dual boot system on my Toshiba Satellite L645 with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit. Due to unknown reason (maybe software-updates) the battery_status in the status bar suddenly stopped showing. Drilling further down, I realized that Ubuntu wasn't detecting my battery at all. So, I searched the web and found some help here. As suggested, I downloaded two files: dsdt.aml and 01_acpi(with chmod +x) and put them in /boot and /etc/grub.d/ folders respectively and ran update-grub2 to rebuild Grub config. That did seem to solve the problem as Ubuntu detected my battery and it was showing in the status window. However, when I tried to load Windows 7, it directly went to blue screen saying there was some kind of BIOS error due to ACPI compliance issue. When I removed the file dsdt.aml and 01_acpi from the respective folders in Ubuntu, Windows 7 load normally but Ubuntu doesn't detect my battery. I'm kind of stuck here. Please help !!!

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