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I have an old laptop. I know it can run 12.04 since I had it running fine using an upgrade from an older version. The HDD died. I've been trying to reinstall but can't get anywhere.

I still have the old drive which pops up a warning every few minutes saying it's about to die.

The live CD won't display at all. The alternate CD seems to work installing but then won't boot from HDD although it is enabled in bios.

I think the machine is old and 12.04 is trying to load newer drivers. The graphics on the old HDD were VESA 6330. The resolution was 1024 x 768 (4:3). The laptop has an old intel Celeron M 370 1500MHz and 500MB of RAM.

I tried to use F6 nomodeset on the alternate CD. I also tried to install the latest version of mint but that did the same. When it boot from HDD it gives a cycling, flickering message on three lines but it's hard to read.

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wait, are you trying to install on a failed HD?? Or do you have a new hard drive? –  j0h Jul 11 '13 at 19:03
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