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I have an Intel MacBook 2,1 running Snow Leopard.

I would like to get rid of OS X and install Ubuntu on it. Here are the obstacles:

Every time I try to burn a live CD it fails. I've tried several at different speeds and I've gotten different error messages. I've tried burning live CDs with my other MacBook (slightly newer hardware, same OS X) and they work in that drive, but when inserted into the target macbook they show up as blank discs. So when I attempt to boot from them I get a Missing Operating System error message. So I'm guessing my optical drive is somehow not functioning.

I've tried using a USB drive to no avail. Am I out of luck? It's been years since I've installed and run Ubuntu (Fall 05/Spring 06), so I have some familiarity with it, but for all intents and purposes just assume I know nothing.

I've got rEFIt installed and working, though I don't think I'll need it if I want to single boot(?).

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