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I am trying to triple-boot a MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion, Windows 7, and Ubuntu.

However, after attempting to install rEFit (the boot screen never appears), I booted directly onto my Ubuntu installation disk by holding the C key. When I boot into the DVD, I receive this screen then I see the normal Try Ubuntu/Install Ubuntu.

However, after I select Install Ubuntu then Something else when it asks me how I want to install Ubuntu on my computer, the computer doesn't recognize my clicks properly anymore.

When I get to a popup screen of any kind (such as one asking me what format I want for a certain partition or which partition I want to use as swap space), the computer doesn't recognize the click in the pop-up box, but rather it registers the click as me clicking the table behind the popup box.

I am able to navigate using the keyboard, but it is cumbersome. Then, when I'm finally finished and click Install, it tells me I need a Reserved Bios partition or something like that. So I make a reserved bios partition out of a partition labeled free space that has 134 MB of space, and click Install. Then my computer completely stops responding.

I would really appreciate any help you might offer.

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@Edwin Your edits are quite good. Keep up the good work! – Seth Jul 11 '13 at 0:01
You might try refind as refit is no longer active. – Elder Geek Jun 19 '14 at 15:58

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