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I have a TrueCrypt volume created under Windows 7. Some folders and file names contain Cyrillic symbols. When mounting the volume in Ubuntu 10.10, I see question marks instead of those letters. Is there a solution, or should I avoid non-ASCII symbols if I want to open the volume in Windows and Ubuntu?

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I had the same problem. Here's how I resolved it.

The truecrypt volume you created was most likely formatted as FAT32. When mounting FAT in Linux default charset is iso8859-1, although long filenames in Windows are stored on disk in Unicode format.

Solution: specify iocharset=utf8 in Truecrypt for Mount options (globally in preferences or for specific volume in advanced options).

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Thank you! I apologize for slow response, I don't have Linux at hand to check this. I'll approve the answer as soon as I test it on my system. – texnic Nov 20 '11 at 12:22
If you're mounting the truecrypt volume in the command line, the proper way of passing Yaroslav's option is with --fs-options=iocharset=utf8 – msb Jan 3 '15 at 8:40

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