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I am very unhappy with Files, which replaced Nautilus in 13.04 as the default file manager.

How can I replace it with a better file manager without losing my Personal Folder?

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You won't and you do not need to remove it to use another file manager.

Do not know if you can remove it from your system without breaking anything, maybe a better option is to just install another file-manager of your choice and use it instead?

Install another that you might want to use, ie: dolphin, and replace it as your default file handler using dconf-editor.

Another good and easy option for that is to edit /usr/local/bin/nautilus and replace the lines

/usr/bin/Nautilus $@


/usr/bin/foo_filemanager $@

this way every time a process calls for Nautilus it will call your new file-manager instead.

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I use Raring. My directory /usr/local/bin/ does not have a link to nautilus. Should I create it? The program nautilus is in usr/bin. – Hannie Jul 13 '13 at 15:23
sec, checking now, this was made from head – Bruno Pereira Jul 13 '13 at 16:05

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