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I have a Toshiba AMD 64 Bit computer with a 1TB USB Drive, HUBMAN 4 port hub, 8GB Flash Drive, and 16 GB Flash Drive connected to HUBMAN 4 port Hub. I am running Windows Premium 64 Bit, installed Ubuntu 13,04 and selected to install alongside Windows. All H311 broke out shortly thereafter!!! Ubuntu, for some odd reason, choseto repartition the 1 TB USB drive into an 8 GB partition, a 16 GB partion and an unallocated 981 GB partition of which I cannot make use of as it is unallocated. I cannot boot into either Windows 7, or Ubuntu 13.04 half the time, other times, I can boot into either OS. It also has Windows 7 on 2 different SDA's, one of little use, the other working fine, then not. I sometimes have to run the Win 7 repair tool, and sometimes it only boots with the the Live DVD in the bay. It will NEVER boot without the 1TB USD HDD connected. Sometimes I can boot up the Live DVD, select the HDD/SSD, and all goes well with either OS. I have noticed that there is a BOOT X instead of GRUB< however I have never seen GRUB in the mix at all. I often get the "GRUB RESCUE" ERROR message, I can always boot with the Live DVD, but I cannot add the repository to install the repair tool as I get ERROR "cannot recognize ppa command". I am no noob as I have been into computers since 1970 & have been using alternative OS since FreeBSD first came out, and cut my teeth on IBM Keypunch and programming in Binary as the only other 2 languages back in 1970 were Coball & Fortran, DEFINATELY NOT a Noob!!! But, after 43 years in computers, I am having to rough it. I am thinking of creating an ISO 9660 of Win 7-64 bit, but that is a rather daunting task. I am also unable to access my recovery partition even though it appears in the boot menu. When I AM able to access it, it loads the drivers, then stalls out, I end up rebooting and getting the "GRUB RESCUE" ERROR, and am back to square 1, which is where I am now, using the Live DVD. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am getting too old for this much frustration. (And YES, I AM Older than Dirt!!!) I would just in-install Ubuntu, If I could find a way, but I am afraid I would FSK up both installations and be without 7, of which I need for Netflix. DANG MS!!! I HATE U BILLY BOY!!! Why couldn't someone have walked into my garage instead? Oh yeah, I live on the border of Mexico, 'nuff said!!!!!! HELP, PLEASE, before I self destruct due to age. IQ of 164 and I still am in dire straits!!! I still think Micro and Soft express my feelings for windows right now (goes for Billy Boy too, U figure it out). I need desperate help as In am overdue for my Netflix Fix and am having withdrawal already!!! And YES, I have ALL Updates installed in both OS's.

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Please edit your question and try to make it clear. For now, it is very hard to tell what causes your problem as well as it is very difficult to read. And no-noobs also focus themselves on specifying technical details rather then blaming somebody. –  Danatela Jul 10 '13 at 9:08
Paragraphs will make it easier to read. –  Warren Hill Jul 10 '13 at 9:10
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