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System details: Ubuntu 12.04 64bit for UEFI installed on hard disk. 3 partitions: 1. EFI (fat) 2. / (ext4 - which contains an encrypted home directory set up through the automated installer) 3. Swap. Two users on the system; only one of the users home directories appear to be encrypted.

Background: This system was exclusively installed on a HDD in my laptop. I got a new hard drive and wanted to install a completely new system on it. I was excited so before anything else, I removed the HDD in question, inserted the new drive and installed my new operating system. I then tried to access the data on the original HDD, which I just removed and replaced, on a separate system.

Problem: I need to access the data in my encrypted home directory. Initially, I had physically removed the hard disk from the machine. I did try to boot the HDD on a legacy mobo that was BIOS, without even thinking. I'm not sure if that caused the booting issues which I will describe shortly. Eventually, I just booted into a live system and mounted the / partition. At this point I realized that I would not be able to easily access my data unless I put the disk back into the laptop and boot it up as normal. The reason I was going all of this is because I wanted to transfer ~100GB of data and I wanted SATA to SATA connectivity. If I had left the disk in place I would have to use a USB 2.0 to write the data to destination disk which as we all know is very slow. So I opened up my laptop, removed the new disk I already installed, stuck this old disk back in there and attempted to boot. It will not boot! This is my problem. I just wanted to access my data and now the system wont even boot. What is the best course of action to mitigate my issues? fyi the "key" that's generated initially I don't have access to because I saved it in the same directory which is unable to be accessed from mounting in a live system because it's encrypted.

Also, from the live system when I mount the /partition and try to access the I get the standard "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly." This is well documented and I know how to use search engines, discern legit sources and follow directions... so please don't tell what I already know. I want to know why this system will no longer boot when I reinsert the disk into the laptop from which it originated and was working just fine until this? What caused this to happen and what can be done to fix it? Was it trying to boot the efi system on the bios machine? Was it mounting/un-mounting, etc? And of course, which route of action is going to be the best way to go? Should I try to get my system to boot normally or just follow directions to access the encrypted directory from a live system to backup the data that way? Thanks so much for listening!

Please advise and thanks in advance!

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