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Im a complete noob to Linux so please bare with me! A friend of mine put me onto Kubuntu 12.10 as a starting point to get me going, Coming from a Windows/Mac background it was difficult at first but just as I was starting to find my feet they were whipped from under me. I was getting fed up with the message keep popping up saying that there was a new version of Kubuntu available so done some research and found the Muon update manager, I started by updating anything out of date in here first before the Kubuntu update. After what appeared to be the update completing I found that I was unable to complete the update on Kubuntu, after some looking around I noticed that I had lost network connections, both wired and wireless. When opening the Network manager the only tabs I have access to is the VPN tab and the add new box is greyed out. I also appear to have lost the driver for the sound card as a message appears on boot up to indicate its not working correctly, not sure if this is related?

Can boot from the live USB my freind gave me and everything works fine, fault only occurs when running from the partition on my hard drive.

Have spent hours trawling forums to try and find a resolution I have decided to post myelf

Please advise on any further info you require to help me out of this predicament but please bear in mind I am a noob so try not to loose me with tech jargon

Thanks in advance for any help resolving this issue

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