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Running Lubuntu 13.04-64 and I can't seem to be able to watch HD videos in a browser anymore after upgrading to 13.04 from 12.10.

Tried FF and Chromium. HTML5 and Flash.

I have a dualcore atom processor with a Nvidia ION GPU and I can watch 1080p high bitrate 264h with VLC/MPlayer without any lag.

What can I do?

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I have a similar setup on my laptop, is the screen 1080p, or just 720p? – Alvar Jul 7 '13 at 11:27
Screen was WXGA (1280x1024), unfortunately the crt monitor decided to become toast this morning. Now I'm left with a 1080p led screen. – Sven Jul 10 '13 at 13:46

There is a workaround: install minitube, a desktop youtube application. More info:

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