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I've read that the only option for upgrade for 11.10 is for 12.04 upgrade.

My question would be, if I upgrade to 12.04, would it wipe out my user configurations?

Like my owned installed and working JVM, Maven, Eclipse and all those stuff which took me quite some time to setup?

If so, how can I ensure that when I upgrade all my apps remains intact. Also, is the upgrade automated, like I will just connect my laptop to the internet and do the upgrade then it will update everything necessary so I can just leave it installing during the night.

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Browse to your /home/your-username/ folder and press Ctrl + H to display the hidden folders. Can you see the folders for Eclipse, Maven, etc.? They should contain the user configuration files that you want to backup. Please comment if you have trouble finding anything. –  karel Jul 7 '13 at 10:08
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