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I am using this script to find information stored in one file using other file as a source for variables to look for:

while IFS= read -r line
echo $line
cat Inventory.csv | grep "$line" >> cuentasxcajas.txt
done < $file
echo "done"

but the file cuentasxcajas.txt is empty, any suggestions?

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Possible duplicate:… – Adobe Jul 7 '13 at 5:53

If I had your task to do, I would proceed thus:

grep -f '/home/victor/Documentos/Temporal/13-06-04_Cuentas_para_revisar_cajas.txt' -- Inventory.csv > cuentasxcajas.txt

No need for a Bash script, of for loops of for useless uses of cats. Just make sure you don't have empty lines in the file /home/victor/Documentos/Temporal/13-06-04_Cuentas_para_revisar_cajas.txt.

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