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I have sony vaio labtop of intel processot i5 supporting vtx.I installed ubuntu 12.04 amd-64 then I installed xen 4.1 amd-64.Now they both are running and i have to make virtual machines on xen. Through searching i came to know that there are two ways to create virtual machines. First is tools so from ubuntu centre i installed virtual machine manager and then through this I am able to install guest O.S.. Second way is to do manually like installing lvm making logical partition on terminal.Are both ways correct? I prefer first one through virtual manager tool as it is very easy to install. My second question is as I mentioned I have intel processor but i have installed ubuntu and xen for amd so will it cause a problem in future. Please help

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amd x64 will work, it is just named like that because amd made the x64 extensions for x86 instruction set –  Gilsham Dec 12 '13 at 2:55
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