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Synaptic has options to remove the configuration files during uninstall, and I thought this was because the back-end apt-get has this as a parameter. How do I access this feature from the Ubuntu Software Centre, which replaces Synaptic as the default package manager software for Ubuntu?

I have a program which seems to have saved a configuration file wrong (LieroLibre) and now it just wont run at all. I tried reinstalling it to no avail.

[Edit] Ok, installed Synaptic and found its complete removal option doesn't actually remove ~/.FOLDERS that the program creates. Deleted ./lierolibre and it ran fine after that. Shouldn't those types of folders be considered configuration stuff?

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Regarding your edit; while I would consider them config. files, they are not removed by Synaptic or by the sudo apt-get purge command while this is a pain it makes sense. If there are multiple users, removing the files in the home directory could cost a user files or personal settings that needed to be saved. They could then move them to another computer. On a more likely event; your program has been corrupted so you need to purge it and then reinstall, if it wiped your home folder it would also remove your custom settings or in Libreoffice a custom dictionary for example. – TrailRider Jul 11 '13 at 4:39
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There is no conflict involved in installing both Synaptic and the Ubuntu Software Center. If you need to use a feature of Synaptic, it is possible to do so without interfering in any way with the Ubuntu Software Center.

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+1 the first things I do now with a new install it to install Synaptic. the Software Center is good for searching for programs, it gives you great info without having to look for it but for advanced installs/uninstalls it doesn't come close to Synaptic. – TrailRider Jul 6 '13 at 17:27

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