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In Resolution HD 1920x1280 with Intel graphics in ubuntu 12.04 LTS I asked for help with resolution. As I tell in my answer, now I need to set or at least see if the color depth is really full-color 32 bit in the Ubuntu, as I am used with the same PC and Windows. I am new with Ubuntu; I do not see such setting in the 'System Settings'...'Display'. Thanks for helping me, Tomas Peceny

Now I see that I took the value 32 bit without thinking from the Windows XP display setup properties dialog. I have never used more than 3 bytes R, G and B, that is 24 bit. Tomas Peceny, 9.7.2013

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I have tested it visually and apparently no problem exists with the Ubuntu. I have made 256x256 pixel bitmaps as slices from an RGB cube; all the slices are displayed smoothly. Now, probably nobody deals with PCs or displays that needed color displaying by steps. Tomas Peceny

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