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Example of a failure:

***** Processing account GMail
Copying folder structure from Gmail to MappedIMAP
Establishing connection to
WARNING: Error occured attempting to sync account GMail: [Errno 8] _ssl.c:490: E
OF occurred in violation of protocol
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Check out Greg's post here:

It's a really good summary and he has a sample .offlineimaprc for Gmail. His has a much different RepositoryRemote section

[Repository RemoteGmail]
type = IMAP
remotehost =
remoteuser = $
remotepass = yep
ssl = yes
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It looks like there is a bug in the way either Gmail or whatever offlineimap uses (OpenSSL I assume?) implements SSL?

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urllib =) see my answer – Dima Aug 27 '10 at 18:04

This is a bug in python/urlib[2] there are some fixes in python2.6/2.7 but apps need to be ported as well.


except that I'm wrong. It uses python ssl module, which uses OpenSSL.

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