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I recently downloaded the Ubuntu scangear driver from their website for my canon pixma MG5350 3 in one printer. I downloaded the debian package and installed it trough the terminal, however I can't seem to find the app himself.

I searched for it trough dash and other scanning apps didn't work from the beginning (like Xsane and simple scan), since they don't seem to recognize my printer/scanner.

The terminal seemed to install the driver/program just fine; it didn't encounter any errors. How can I fix this?

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select [Create] - [ScanGear MP...] from the [File] menu in Gimp

or run in terminal: scangearmp

form their documentation:

Only GIMP can start ScanGear. No other application software can start ScanGear. If GIMP is not installed, you must install the software.

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If you want ScangearMP to appear in the Dash, you can create a .desktop file for it.

Copy the following into a text editor:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=ScanGear MP
Comment=Cannon's scanner software

Save the file with filename scangearmp.desktop

To use the desktop file from the Dash you will need to copy it to /usr/share/applications for any user to be able to use it (you will need administrator permissions) or to ~/.local/share/applications (where ~ means your user directory) if you just want it to be available for one user.

Source: adapted from Creating a .desktop file for a new application, and as I've used myself.



Refers to the .desktop file version, not to the program version.


The name that should be displayed on the menu.


The path to the executable. As scangearmp installs into /usr/bin (in the default path) I've left off the full path, which works for me.


The path to the icon file that will be used in the Dash. I've used a generic icon name that's also used for Simple Scan.

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