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I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 x64. I have installed Apache, php5.

I have configured two sites folders in the /etc/apache2/sites-available/default One is the in /home/me/www and the other is on the external disk let's say /media/me/www.

I think the problem is that /media is owned by root and all files had restrictive permissions, so I can only see my files in my computer, or with sftp or samba, login with my username.

What I want is to view those files in apache from another computer, but the server always gave me the 403 Forbidden message.

I was thinking of changing the owner of the media folder, and to change the files permissions. Or I found I could mount the drive in another path, but that would be more problematic because I already have some apps using that path.

My question what do I have to do to allow access to apache to show the media folder?

The hard drive is NTFS format. Also I'm not an expert in linux, but knows the basics.

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I would suggest changing the mount point and then create a symbolic link at the old location to point to the new one - so you won't need to change the path in programs that point to it since they will follow the link. – chesedo Jul 6 '13 at 15:00

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