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I bought some issues of the Linux Format magazine on the Ubuntu Software Center. I now reinstalled Ubuntu and would like to redownload the magazines. In the list, they correctly appear as "Previously Purchased", but if I try to install them, I see:

There isn't a software package called lxf171 in your current software sources.

Also, the magazines do not appear when I click on reinstall previous purchases in the menu.

If I try to buy a new issue, everything works perfectly.

Does anyone know how can I download the magazines that I already paid and donwloaded in the past?

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Answering my own question. I applied the method described in this answer

Reinstall commercial software (e.g. oil rush, steelstorm etc.)

And it worked!!

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In the Software Center App click File> Re-install previously purchased software. I'm not sure when the option showed up but it is present in 14.04.

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