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Before now, this was happening only once in a day or so, but lately the Mobile Broadband disappears every now and then and leaves no option for me to re-enable it other than to restart the computer.

In detail:

First of all, there is no problem connecting to the mobile internet. I just connect the device, go to the network dropdown menu in the taskbar and click on the newly detected modem's name.

After using the internet for a few minutes (sometimes a few seconds), I get a system alert "Network disconnected - You are now offline." and then the network dropdown menu just shows three items:

  1. Wired Network Disconnected
  2. VPN Connections >
  3. Enable Networking (Ticked)
  4. Connection Information
  5. Edit Connections

No matter what I try to do, the mobile modem just refuses to appear until I restart the computer. Where is the problem and how do I overcome it?


I checked the mobile device with other computers and there's no problem in it.

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