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I check this box every time I connect to a new wireless network:

Automatically connect to VPN when using this connection

How can I make it enabled by default for new connections?

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Did you ever do anything with below answer? (just curious) – Fabby Sep 24 at 19:51
No, I've just been checking it manually. I don't connect to many new networks, and those that I do often have captive portals that I'd have to disable the VPN for anyway. – ændrük Sep 28 at 23:17

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All of the following:

gsettings list-recursively  | grep --ignore-case vpn
gsettings list-recursively  | grep --ignore-case wifi
gsettings list-recursively  | grep --ignore-case conn

give nothing useful, so 2 possibilities left:

  1. You do a feature-request at Canonical (24,557 reputation, 28 gold 118 silver and 248 bronze badges should carry some weight...)

  2. I create a script that creates a script that sets it up for you... (might take a while as I'm writing an automated system backup now...)

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Writing it as an answer as these are much more readable. will convert to comment if you downvote... – Fabby Nov 23 '14 at 21:16

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