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i have windows 8. i removed uefi settings(if i on uefi i cannot install ubuntu) and installed ubuntu(now if i want to use windows 8 i should on uefi).now by turning on uefi,went to window8,removed ubuntu and i tried to install ubuntu once again by turning down uefi,then i got the error error:no such partition grub rescue.i turned on uefi and i am able to log in to windows with no errors but if i turn off uefi and try to install i am getting that error.

i dont have win8 cd

can i get rid of this error by installing some other linux distro say fedora?

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Windows is installed in UEFI mode, so you need to convert your Ubuntu from Legacy mode to UEFI mode. See

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i removed ubuntu from win8 and now I'm Stuck at the 'grub rescue>' Prompt . and if i try to boot ubuntu once again with livecd(i can go back to win8 by switching to uefi mode) it is not able to boot and i dont have win8 cd to repair it . i tried to reboot using ubuntu livecd but it is not recognising the cd. please help me . if the same question is already asked pls redirect me. – kobe24 Jul 5 '13 at 11:17

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