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Ever since upgrading to 13.04 I have been experiencing a rather weird phenomenon. At the office, we primarily use Ethernet, but there is also a WiFi network in the building (lets call it wifix). If I want to use the Ethernet rather than wifix I must make sure my laptop has booted with wireless disabled; if wireless is enabled it will connect to wifix during bootup, and the Ethernet will somehow not work. Even if I then disable wireless after booting. So to get Ethernet to work, I must disable wireless, and reboot my machine. This means I must remember to disable wireless each time I shut down my laptop. Or else I must reboot just to get the freaking Ethernet to work.

There must be a way to fix this, but how?

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Try executing this command

echo on | sudo tee /sys/class/net/eth0/device/power/control

it usually solves all ethernet-related issues

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