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For reasons that are not relevant I had two partitions of ubuntu studio on my computer, one 28Gb and the other ~900Gb. I was using only the 900Gb partition but sometimes I would accidentally boot to the 28Gb partition so I decided to remove it. I used the ubuntu studio live usb with gparted to delete the 28Gb partition. I also added a label to the 900Gb partition for future reference. I restarted my computer and it now says

error: no such partition
grub rescue>
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Try with the method in this question. – Lucio Jul 4 '13 at 15:29

I had similar problem - the same "error: no such partition grub rescue" and none of advices and commands from web helped.

I had 2 OS on my hard drive: Vista and Linux Mint 13 and the linux partition once dissappeared, and it was the reason why I couldn't boot. Finally I used GAG ( and Test Disc ( and I was able to boot Vista. I lost everything from linux partition. Unfortunately I don't remember now what I did first.

Try these solutions - even if none will help it won't make any damage.

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