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(I am not using the UEFI feature)

Apparently,none of the solutions in any other posts and forums worked for me For some reasons I decided to remove ubuntu from my hard disk drive after which I had problems so I reverted back to the below.

My partition table(presently):

(/dev/sda1) (fat32)    900 MiB ---(MBR,I suppose)
(/dev/sda2) (ntfs)      70 GiB -----(Windows 7)
(/dev/sda3) (ntfs)  314.88 GiB --(Personal File storage)
(/dev/sda4) (ext4)      80 GiB -----(Ubuntu 13.04)
(unallocated) -----   1.31 MiB

I do not want to format the win7 partition for a fresh one. I have used boot-repair..Restore MBR option brings back to "Disk error...." without even going through grub..so I reinstalled grub and I'm able to boot into Ubuntu. grub menu shows the win7 option as "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)" but goes to the same "Disk error..." message.The methods used by other people,(such as,bootrec commands...etc.) again caused this message to be shown before the grub menu.

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