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I've written a simple Ubuntu Touch App with the official Ubuntu SDK (Qt Creator). After testing it i wanted to create a Application Package from the menu (Build -> Ubuntu Touch -> Ubuntu Touch Application Package. Unfortunatly I get this error :

[14:51:48] Package name "" is not in a valid format. Debian policy manual states: "Package names must only consist of lower case letters, digits (0-9), plus (+) or minus (-) signs, and periods (.)"

But all my files are named correctcy. Is there anyone who can help me? That be fantastic since i really want to see my app in action on a real device. Another question: Is it possible to run my app without any cahnges on an android device?

Thank you very much

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Given this was asked a month ago, it may be a bug that has since been fixed, but what is the project name of your app? –  dobey Aug 9 '13 at 14:16
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