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someone suggest me that for managing permission for accessing the partitions of hard disk you should add users to group and now i have found from that how to add user to groups.

But i not get the way how to add permissions for users in such a way that they not have access to specific hard disk partition but they have access to other partition without use of admin password?

after mounting partition in admin user when i go to properties and then to permission and their try to change the premissions something like access to files/folder and groups then when i change the groups and going to save it automatically changed to previous setting before i can save?

i am using ubuntu 12.04 LTS

so please tell how to manage the permission for user for access to hard disk partitions?

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I got the solutions for managing premission by installing sofwares

I have tried mount manager and storage device manager for mangaing the partition.

Both sofware are good but storage device manager is easy while mountmanager have more functionalities.

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