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In our network, we are running ubuntu 12.10, Xubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 13.04 in around 30+ desktops. We use a windows Server as the application server and uses 2X Application Server XG to access the server remotely. It's been around an year since we have migrated the desktops and laptops to linux. We have wired connection only on the server side and in the client side, we use three access points (D-Link DWL-3200AP) and for the clients, we use USB WiFi dongles (Belkin F7D1101 v1 & D-Link DWA 123).

There are some users who uses Epson LQ-300+II printer to print receipts. I have successfully added the printer and the printing is working fine on the hosted desktop. But when we try to print from another Desktop by sharing the printer, it fails occasionally. When the printing fails, the ping from the print server (Hosted Desktop) to the client (Accessed the printer using ipp share) fails. but both desktops can ping the gateway or any other systems in the network. The issue solves only after we disable and enable the wireless connection of the print server. Any idea on this issue?

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