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I am having HP Pavilion G6-2007TX lapto. The laptop is provided with Windows 8. I need to replace the OS with Ubuntu 12.10. I need to know, whether my laptop will support Ubuntu or not.

I am also having some 10-20 GB of important data, and i dont want it to be lost.

Requirement / Expectations:

  1. Drivers for AMD Drivers, Dolby Sound Available.
  2. Bluetooth Drivers, Wifi Drivers, LAN Drivers, Touchpad drivers and Webcam drivers to be available.
  3. it should be able to manage heating i.e. temperature regulations. HP provides Cool Sense Technology for Windows. I suppose Ubuntu might have some app/ppas for such things.

Here are the complete specifications/configurations:

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We really can't answer the question whether a particular hardware will work with ubuntu.

List of ubuntu certified HP laptops

The only think to know is perform testing.

After installation, if you face any problem you are welcome here to ask your problem.

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