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Ubuntu is awesome! It works great on my other laptops. Does any one know how I can get my desktop environment to accelerate? I feel like my hardware is not being utilized, here are the specs: -Gateway NE71B series -4GB DDR3 Memory -500GB HDD AMD Radeon HD 7310. When I installed I opened firefox to view youtube. worked fine. opened full view and video slowed and lagged. closed full view and returned to normal. Internet connection works on other laptops. also the system crashes under software load, ie a few windows opened, like vlc, software centre, home folder. Is this the AMD chipsets like the dual core E1-1200? I am in need of a pro here.... I just need to enjoy the Ubuntu on my new laptop. Mouse is slow as well. New install so no virus yet. Thanks in advance to anyone how can help.

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I've installed Ubuntu 13.04 in such specs and it works fine. Make sure you've done a full installation without errors and why not try the 64bit version of Ubuntu

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Its all in the CPU. The CPU 64BIT is at near 100% usage playing a youtube video. I installed XUBUNTU to free up some usage and got better result with flash Its not a fix though. This is why I wonder can I do anything to fix drivers. I am uncertain. System monitor is fine except for CPU. – user172162 Jul 3 '13 at 21:30

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