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Gino here,

I am having problems with installing Ubuntu on an external HDD, I am trying to install it on my EXTERNAL iOmega 500GB NTFS Hard Disk Drive (completely formatted), when I install ubuntu on my hard drive, I select everything to be installed on the hard drive, I set the partition as "Primary" and boot as "/" I also added a 2GB Swap Area, I also set the bootloader to be installed on the /dev/sda1 (aka ROOT of the hard drive

I just don't know if I should've installed the bootloader on /dev/sda/partiton1 (i forgot what it was called) AKA the main folder of ubuntu

I don't know why but whenever I install it on my 8GB USB that's FAT32, It works perfectly with the same settings and such...

I've also tried using Pendrivelinux to at least install the installer of ubuntu on the HDD, still no success...

BTW I use the "Boot from S500TD .... " option in the BIOS, all it does is skip to the Windows OS itself, but on my USB it works :(

Please share me any help as I need it

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